About us

SociovestixLabs is a social enterprise founded in 2012 by academics with in depth expertise in computer science and financial statistics. Our data science unit develops social media analytics methods to measure the attention and emotion which societies direct towards individual ESG themes. Our investment statistics unit develops sustainable measures of investment performance which precisely and reliably assess the long term returns and downside risks investors are facing in today's turbulent financial markets. On this basis, we advise on the generation of DynamicESG investment strategies to realise the return enhancement and risk reduction opportunities equivalent to those identified in our statistical analysis.

As a social enterprise we have both financial and social aims. Our financial aim is to create value for our clients through the potential of our DynamicESG technology. Our social aim is to provide a clear voice to all groups in societies (also those previously overheard) in both developed and emerging markets. We achieve this by directly communicating their concerns on ESG issues to mainstream and responsible investors.


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